Lineage II Latin

Grand Olympiad

Below are displayed all players who are or already been heroes.

Rules of the dispute:
1 - Have at least 9 fights and be the highest scorer in the class.
2 - In case of tie of points, tie criterion: greater number of fights
Name Count Class Clan Ally
GringoStar 6 Duelist GamePlayS HeroesTonight
CALUNGA 4 Mystic Muse GamePlayS HeroesTonight
Tamam 3 Dominator North NorthAlly
Bart0 2 Archmage North NorthAlly
Toki 2 Eva Saint North NorthAlly
Sinlloroporhero 1 Dreadnought North NorthAlly
North 1 Phoenix Knight North NorthAlly
Iroh 1 Maestro North NorthAlly