Lineage II Latin



TimeZone GMT/UTC -3
Interlude x100 MidRates Farm server
Buffs, Dances, Songs - 2h
Global GK Free
20 + 4 Max Buffs Slots
Unlimited Offline shops
Auto loot - Except Epic/Raids Bosses, 5s loot protection
Nickname pvp color: 100 300 500 700 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Champion Mobs system: x10 adena + Event Coin 10% chance
Domination + TVT events with exclusive map
7signs catacombs/Necropolis are open 24/7
Noblesse: Barakiel custom or retail Barakiel Quest
Crystal stage lv13 Anakazel/Ember 20% chance
Unique and perfect class balance system for olympiad and PvP
Wedding System
Clan Hall System with GB's auctions
Vip system 50% Adena, 2x farm drop rate, Blessed enchant chance +5%
Proteção AntiBot/spoofer SmartGuard 3.1
Max 3 sessions /PC

Clan and Aliances

Clan: 30 members max
Clan Level and Skills are Free
All Clan Penalties disabled


Grade: D/C/B by Adena
Grade: A/S by Farm + Adena
Blessed Enchant: Drop Zones
Life Stone: Farm/Drop Zones

Server Rates

Experience: x100
RateParty : 1.5x
Adena: x100
Epic: x1
Raid: x3
Quest: x1
Seal Stones: x5

Olympiads and Sieges

Weekly sieges with customized crown for clan leader
Olympiad: weekly period, hero every saturday, start date 2/22/2021, battles 18 to 00h GMT-3

Enchant and Augment

Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant Weapon: +16
Max Enchant Armor/Jewels: +10
Blessed Enchant Rate: 30% reducing from +6
Normal Enchant Rates: 40% reducing from +6
Augument: NG SKILL: chance 20% | MID SKILL: chance 15% | HIGH SKILL: chance 10% | TOP SKILL: chance 10%

Subclass and Noblesse

Sub-Class are Free.
Get a Nobless: Barakiel Custom by drop or Barakiel with retail Quest<

Raid and Epic Bosses info

All Epic Bosses drop their jewelry, except AntQueen 50% chance
Epic and raid boss areas are chaotic, except for Barakiel Quest raid

Valakas(85): 96 Hours [4 days]
Antharas(80): 72 Hours [3 days]
Baium(80): 48 Hours [2 days] ( random time +1 to 20 min to release the entrance + 2min to close and spawn )
Frintezza(80): 48 Hours [2 days] Regra ( random time +1 to 20 min to release the entrance ) ( min parties to enter: 2, max 3)
Zaken(80): 48 Hours [2 days]
Queen Ant(80): 24 Hours [1day]
Orfen(80): 24 Hours [1day]
Core(80): 24 Hours [1day]
Barakiel Custom(80): 8 Hours
Barakiel Quest(80): 6 Hours
Custom Raid Bosses: 4-5 Hours
Semi-epic: 4-6Hours
Raids level 70+: 12-13 Hours

Comandos do servidor

.deposit e .withdraw [goldbar]
.register e .unregister [events]
.xpon e .xpoff [Exp/XP block]
.bossinfo [shows the next spawn information for all major raids and epics]